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Optimum Companion Care

Care is at the Heart of Everything We Do

If you aren’t getting out as easily as you used to, or perhaps you’re just not as confident as you once were, opportunities to do the things you enjoy can be few and far between – particularly if your loved ones live a distance away. Companion care can therefore play a vital role in helping you to maintain the quality of life you deserve.

Companionship is central to all our services – your support worker will love to learn more about your life as they have a cup of tea with you or iron, do laundry, or prepare your meal. Our unique matching service means that your support worker will already share many of your interests and views, and come from a similar background to you, so you’ll find it easy to get along and become friends.

However, we believe companionship is so crucial to maintain in later life, that we’ve also designed a number of our companion care services to be based around spending quality time with your support worker and others close to you while having some extra support, and doing the things you enjoy.

Home From Hospital Support

Support to Get You Back on Your Feet

Any spell in hospital – whether planned or unplanned – can leave your loved one feeling vulnerable, and the rest of the family anxious about coping. We can take care of everything with our range of flexible support Home from Hospital services. We’re here to provide as much or as little support as you need, for as long as you need it, whether you’re looking for an hour or two of help a day, or 24-hour live-in care.

We can help...

If the need is urgent: we can visit you or your loved one in hospital to find out exactly how we can help. We’ll even organise for your chosen support worker to visit your loved one in hospital, so that they can get to know each other before the support begins at home. This approach can help your loved one to feel more comfortable about the prospect of receiving home care.

Leaving hospital: we can collect your loved one and take them home.

At home: We’ll help with housekeeping, including laundry and dusting, shopping for food and preparing nutritious meals. We can help with personal care, including washing, dressing, getting up/putting to bed, and continence care. We’ll provide health and wellbeing support, including collecting prescriptions, help with taking prescribed medication, and attending healthcare appointments.

Companionship: it's normal to feel low after an operation or a fall, so our support workers can be a useful distraction, supporting with hobbies/interests, trips out, or just enjoying conversation.

Respite Care at Home

Respite Care Gives You Time to Recharge

Caring for a loved one can be mentally and physically draining. In fact, if you don’t take a break occasionally, it may lead to a deterioration in the relationship. Our customers who decide to take some time off tell us that they return to their caring role fresher and with renewed enthusiasm. The time away can often strengthen their relationship with the person they care for.

We can take on the responsibility of care from you for as long as you need, ensuring that the transition for you and your loved one is as seamless as possible.

Respite Services Tailored to your Needs

Our respite home care services include:

Respite care at home: We can help you while you provide care, supporting with housekeeping tasks, such as dusting, laundry, cleaning bathrooms and kitchens, and cooking. Alternatively, we can look after your loved one and organise an activity with them, or even just a relaxing pampering session, while you and your family have a break or go out.

Days out: Enjoy a precious day out with your loved one while we take the pressure off you. Whether you have a family event that you’d like to go to, or if you simply want to get out of the house and do something different, we’ll help your loved one to get ready, arrange transport and ensure all their needs are met during the day.

Sitter service and companionship: If you need to go out during the day, or in the evening, we’ll step in to take care of your loved one. Companionship is central to this service, whether your loved one would enjoy sharing a hobby, or a friendly chat while catching up with a favourite TV programme.

Emergency respite/rapid response: If you need respite support urgently, we’ll meet your needs in the tightest of timeframes. Simply call our friendly team now on 1300 585 876.

Optimum Housekeeping and Home Help Service

Need Help at Home?

Making beds, doing laundry or general cleaning around the house can become more challenging as time goes on. Often a helping hand around the home is all you or your loved one may need to stay completely independent at home.

Our housekeeping and home help services cover all types of domestic tasks, shopping and meal preparation and household management. Simply pick and choose the services you need, and feel free to add to them over time, or change them for others.

What Does Housekeeping Involve?

Some of the services your home help support worker can provide include:

Domestic services: General household cleaning (including dusting and vacuuming, sweeping and polishing), laundry and ironing (including washing, drying, airing, folding and putting items away)

Shopping and meal preparation: Helping you with your weekly shop, or doing it for you as well as help with meal planning, preparation and cooking

Household management: Help with letters and emails (including to professionals and utility companies), help to manage bill payments and expenditure, running errands (such as fetching a newspaper, a pint of milk or dry cleaning).

What makes our housekeeping and home help service different?

It's tailored to your needs: Wherever you need help around the home, we can help. We can even help outside the home, with running errands and shopping trips.

You're in control: You decide what you want help with, how often you’d like us to come along and how long you’d like us to stay in your home.

You enjoy time with a friendly face: Your home help support worker will always find the time to have a cup of tea, to share a story and catch up with you while they’re ironing or making your lunch. It’s this social interaction with a friendly face that makes our service so valuable to our customers.

We treat your home with the utmost care: Your support worker will take as much pride in looking after your home as they do their own.

It’s easy to add services: Over time you or your loved one may find you want to add to – or change – the housekeeping and home help services you receive from us. When things like dressing or bathing become more difficult, some customers begin to add on elements of personal home care. Making the change is quick and easy. Our support workers are fully trained and experienced care staff, so can seamlessly and discreetly take on the responsibility of delivering more complex services.