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About Us

The Optimum Care philosophy will always be to put the client at the heart of the care. The services provided are designed to meet the client’s needs and each program is as unique as the individual. As the name suggests, Optimum Care, is only interested in delivering the best quality care to your loved ones. Our mission is to deliver an innovative and wide range of home-based services to the elderly and to those with additional needs which enables them to maintain their dignity and independence.

Individual needs and tailored programs

Optimum Care tailors its services to meet the needs of the client. The client’s needs are at the heart of everything we do and our care programs are designed to assist in maintaining their independence. Each client using our service will be assisted by qualified, caring staff to achieve their highest potential. The loved ones of the client can rest assured that their family members will be treated as just that; a member of our family.

Personal autonomy and choice

Every client is given the opportunity to participate fully in making choices about the service they receive. If the clients are able to make fully informed decisions regarding their care program then Optimum Care encourages their full involvement in the decision making process.

Privacy, Dignity, Respect and Confidentiality

Optimum Care respects the privacy, dignity and confidentiality of each and every one of our clients.

All clients using our service have the right to be treated with respect, and all personal information is kept strictly confidential.

Participation and Integration

Optimum Care support and encourage clients to participate in all their daily living activities. Optimum Care endeavours, where ever possible, to assist clients maintain their links to family, friends and the community alike.